Boston Spa

Polypipe’s Underfloor Heating was the perfect solution for a new build project in Yorkshire

Polypipe’s industry leading underfloor heating solution has been installed as part of a residential property development in Yorkshire.

Situated in the Boston Spa area, the new build property is a bespoke design, with the architect and owner opting for an open-plan layout. This design required a heating solution for the upper and lower levels that would ensure consistent heat distribution in large open plan living areas, complete design freedom from wall mounted heating systems, and precise controllability both at home and on the go. Installers Eco Plumb Midlands Ltd chose Polypipe Underfloor Heating to provide a heating solution to meet these three key criteria.

The Polypipe Red Floor Panel system was selected for use on the ground floor of the development, to provide a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the large open plan living areas. As underfloor heating is installed across the whole floor surface area, the heat is even and consistent throughout the home.



Boston Spa


Underfloor Heating


  • Polypipe Red Floor Panel system,
  • Polypipe Overlay™ system,
  • Polypipe Smart Plus controls

Ideal for new build projects, Polypipe’s Red Floor Panels are installed within solid floors where a screed will be poured. Light in weight and easy to cut to size, these unique floor panels make installation simple by acting as a guide for laying the pipes in the required layout and at the desired intervals. Installed directly above the floor’s insulation layer, the Red Floor Panels feature raised rivets that lift the pipe slightly up off the insulation, allowing the screed to fully envelop the pipe and better transfer the heat in to the room.

The Red Floor Panel’s unique castellations also represent savings of around 15% on required screed – saving time and money on the project.

For the upper level of the property, Polypipe’s popular Overlay™ solution was specified. This meant that the floor construction could proceed as usual with the Overlay™ panels simply being laid on top of the floor deck, and the chosen floor finish of natural stone tiles applied directly to the panel. At just 18mm in depth, the Overlay™ system did not raise the floor to an unacceptable level.

Polypipe’s Smart Plus controls work seamlessly with Polypipe Underfloor Heating systems, giving homeowners optimum control of their heating using the wall-mounted thermostat or on the go via their mobile device.

The Smart Plus range also offers a stylish alternative to traditional controls, with a range of thermostat colours and on screen personalisation options available, including the ability to upload personal photos to the digital touchscreen display.

As well as delivering a consistent temperature, ensuring quick and easy installation, and offering complete design freedom, underfloor heating boasts health and safety benefits, especially for families with children. No radiators mean no sharp edges or hot surface areas that pose scold risks. Underfloor heating also reduces the amount of dust mites within the air that often settle behind radiators, which is a further benefit to Asthma sufferers. The Boston Spa project was completed December 2016.

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