Underfloor heating manifolds

Underfloor heating manifolds are a key part of your underfloor heating system, put simply a manifold is the link between your heat source (for instance a boiler or heat-pump) and the pipework installed beneath your floor. As well as ensuring that warm water can reach the areas that it needs to, underfloor heating manifolds control both the temperature and the flow rate of water within the system.

In any underfloor heating installation, each ‘run’ of pipework is commonly known as a ‘circuit’, with each circuit connecting to the manifold. Where multiple circuits are used together, for instance in larger rooms or open-plan areas, they form ‘zones’, which are usually controlled by their own thermostat.

To provide maximum flexibility, Polypipe underfloor heating manifolds are available in a range of specifications, enabling you to control between 2 and 12 circuits. And because the temperature and flow rate of each circuit is adjustable, you can create the perfect ambient warmth, anywhere in your home.


Stainless Steel Manifold

The Polypipe stainless steel manifold features a patented valve which enables automatic flow control – known as auto-balancing technology.


Brass Manifold

The Polypipe brass manifold is supplied with a quarter turn isolation valve that incorporates a temperature gauge.


Polymer Manifold

The Polypipe polymer manifold is a cost-effective way to complete your underfloor heating project.

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