The Windmill

Revamped windmill installs modern home heating solution

Polypipe Underfloor Heating has, for the first time, installed its industry leading Overlay™ system in to a converted windmill..

Situated in Doncaster, the windmill was converted into a home in 1970. Recent renovations saw the specification of underfloor heating throughout the bottom floor of the property, and so installers Bumfords Heating Ltd. chose Polypipe Underfloor Heating to provide the perfect solution for the property.

The property benefited from Polypipe’s Overlay™ system, an ideal solution for retrospective installations and renovations as it can be laid on top of existing floors. Polypipe’s Overlay™ system is only 18mm in depth and so does not raise the floor to an unacceptable level, removing the need for messy and expensive excavation.

The layout of the building meant that the system had to be installed in a circular living space over an area of 38.5m2. Installations in tricky spaces can be made simple with the help of Polypipe’s dedicated design technicians who can work with homeowners and installers to generate a pipe layout and room design.

Polypipe’s Overlay™ system was the perfect heating solution for the converted windmill.

The underfloor heating allowed the homeowners complete design freedom when placing the furniture within their home. With the room being completely round, it was impossible to locate radiators to fit the curve of the wall. Underfloor heating resolved this issue completely, with no large wall mounted equipment required. As the windmill’s layout is one long upright tunnel, it was of paramount importance that the heating was effective as well as designed to make best use of the space. With traditional radiators, the heat rises only along the wall, leaving the middle of the room cold. As underfloor heating is installed across the whole floor, a consistent and ambient heat is produced throughout the entire room.

To control their new heating system, the homeowner chose to install Polypipe’s newest generation of controls, selecting a Smart Plus touchscreen thermostat. The Smart Plus controls work seamlessly in conjunction with Polypipe’s underfloor heating systems, allowing homeowners optimum control of their system at both the in room thermostat and via their mobile devices when out and about.


The Smart Plus range also offers a stylish alternative to traditional controls offering a range of thermostat colours and on screen personalisation with the ability to upload your own photos to the digital touchscreen display.



The Windmill


Underfloor Heating


Polypipe’s Overlay™ system


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