Polypipe pilots its new Overlay Plus low profile underfloor heating system

The homeowner was looking for an effective low profile underfloor heating system for the renovation of his 20-year-old home, ensuring he could maximise the living space, both upstairs and down.

Underfloor Heating Product Manager Giles Coombes approached the homeowner about piloting our newest Overlay® Plus in his renovation project. Craig Prosser at CJP Underfloor Heating was asked if he would be interested in being the first to fit the Polypipe Overlay® Plus Low Profile Underfloor Heating system, to which he jumped at the opportunity

Somebody is walking plastic pipe into the grooves in Polypipe Overlay Plus Underfloor Heating panels.

The new low-profile system boasts a lightweight construction, weighing in at a total of 1.2kg per board allowing Craig to effortlessly carry four boards at a time up to the 1st level of the house with ease, compared to the traditional heavier Overlay® which weighed 10kg per board.

The boards are designed to be used in both high and low traffic areas, meaning the system could be utilised throughout the entire house.

Somebody is cutting a Polypipe Underfloor Heating Overlay Plus panel with a ruler and a stanley knife to demonstrate it's easy cutting ability.

Due to the ease of use of the new system Craig could complete the entire house project in less than a week.

“The new boards are going to save us a significant amount of time and effort on jobs moving forward. The lightweight nature means we can carry several boards at a time which is particularly helpful on large or multi-storey projects – and as a bonus, we can tile directly on top of it.”


– Craig Prosser

Overlay® Plus is our latest innovation and our best practice Over the Floor system. This low profile system is installed directly over an existing structural floor (solid or timber floor deck) for minimal disruption to your build or renovation project.

To find out more about Overlay Plus, visit our products page.


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