Introducing… Overlay® Plus – Overlay Underfloor Heating

Laying underfloor heating will become faster and easier thanks to our latest Overlay Underfloor Heating system.

Overlay® Plus is EIGHT times lighter than the standard gypsum board currently used (1.2kg compared to 10kg per board), installation is also made easier as there is no need for any power tools – a Stanley knife is enough to cut the flooring to shape. There is less dust and mess produced during installation, and tiles can be fitted directly on top of this Overlay Underfloor Heating system.

We are constantly striving to improve products and systems and this latest innovation will mean savings of time and space for installers and more efficiency in energy-consumption for customers.

The new boards are also larger in area and, thanks to the insulation core and aluminium lining, have been shown to increase the performance by 10 per cent.

The system can be used on new-builds, refurbishments or extensions and will give a robust and reliable finish.

Giles Coombes, Polypipe Underfloor Heating Product Manager, said:

“The underfloor heating market is growing exponentially as householders realise how efficient the systems can be. We believe that it will increase even more in the next year and want to make sure installers can take advantage of the increase in demand.

Polypipe is continually striving to overcome the issues faced by installers and, with this market-leading innovation, we believe we have done it again.

This this new technology means that underfloor heating can be fitted more easily, less expensively and much faster. This will be a boon for installers and reduce installation time to keep customers happy.”

This new innovation comes as Polypipe Building Products celebrates our 40 years of being at the forefront of the plumbing and heating market. We promise to keep innovating and producing the highest quality products for the next 40 years and beyond aswell.

To discover more visit Underfloor Heating Floor Types or Overlay Plus.


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