Introducing Overlay™ Plus from Polypipe


Overlay™ Plus from Polypipe Underfloor Heating is an example of our ongoing product development programme, helping Heating Engineers to achieve even better results. The Overlay™ Plus Underfloor Heating system has larger, lighter panels – offering flexible installation. And it’s designed for use with our Ultra Flexible Underfloor Heating pipe, thermostats and Smart controls.

  • Low-profile
  • Larger, lightweight pre-grooved aluminium foiled panel
  • Thermal insulation properties with improved heat output* and reduced downward heat loss
  • Suitable for multiple floor coverings and larger projects
  • Sound reducing characteristics (Overlay™ Plus Acoustic Panel)
  • Easily cut to fit any shape and size of room
  • Can be tiled directly onto

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Patented Overlay Plus underfloor heating panel is a
low-profile system that has been designed to be installed over existing floors, making it the ideal product for renovation and new build projects. And with our Overlay Plus Acoustic panel, a layer of synthetic rubber on the underside reduces the transmission of impact bourn noise. Making it ideal for multi occupancy developments.


Incorporating technologically advanced materials, Overlay Plus has an improved heat output whilst reducing downward heat loss. The panels are formed of extruded polystyrene giving them their lightweight feature while also providing additional properties such as thermal insulation, decoupling and waterproofing. The panel features two thin layers of fibre-reinforced polymer concrete, with a polyester fleece-coated layer on top of an reflective aluminium foil. The aluminium layer is designed to evenly diffuse the heat from the pipes over the surface of the board – resulting in a more efficient and comfortable ambient temperarture.


From retrofit solutions to brand new schemes, we’ve been busy putting our Underfloor Heating expertise and technology into practice. The following case studies show how Overlay™ Plus has helped transform two exceptional properties, whilst providing future-proof heating solutions and flexible installation capabilities.

Sally Gunnell’s Future Proof Heating System

20-year-old home renovation


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