A Guide to “Between Joist” Underfloor Heating Systems

For suspended timber and composite joists, typically found in new build and renovation projects, Polypipe offers a range of unique pre-insulated and pre-configured between joist systems, as well as more traditional suspended floor underfloor heating options; giving you a solution for every type of suspended floor installation.

Double Heat Spreader Plates (DHSP)

Offering a simple installation system for traditional joists and spacings, double heat spreader plates can also be used in ‘sprung’ flooring systems such as sports halls. This system uses aluminium double heat spreader plates to transmit the heat evenly across the finished floor surface.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Simple Installation with traditional joists at typical 300mm to 450 mm centres
  • Suitable for ‘sprung’ flooring systems as used in sports halls etc.

Overlay™ Lite 15

For enhanced performance, especially over larger floor areas, use our new Overlay™ Lite 15 panels for an integrated insulated solution.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Dry system — no screed and drying time
  • Suitable for projects where access to wet screed may be difficult
  • Provides impact sound installation when installed on intermediate floors

Modular Heating Panels (MHP)

For the ultimate quick and easy installation solution, our pre-configured, insulated panels include all the system components already integrated. The panels are supplied in sized panels which are simply fitted and connected together on-site.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Pre-configured solution
  • Can be used between joist with both traditional or composite (I beam) beams
  • Maximises heat efficiency
  • System can be used with low temperature heat sources for optimum efficiency

Fit From Below Double Heat Spreader Plates (FFP)

Even if you find your floor isn’t suitable to lift or lay one of our systems on top, with Polypipe Underfloor Heating, there’s always a solution. Suitable for use with traditional composite joists, this system offers the ability to fit from below your floors, even if the floor above has already been installed. Perfect for where upper floor coverings are already in place.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Can be used between joist with both traditional or composite (I beam) beams
  • Ability to fit even if the floor above has already been installed

You can find out more about our In-Floor systems in pages 43-53 of our Plumbing and Heating Installation Guide shown below or by visit the appropriate Product page.

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