Stainless Steel Manifolds

Our Auto-Balancing Stainless Steel manifolds are the latest in water distribution technology for Underfloor Heating. The built in Auto-Flow technology ensures that the perfect amount of heating water is pumped through each circuit creating the desired heat distribution across the complete network, and can be easily adjusted if needed.

The Pump Packs provided with our Stainless Steel Manifolds allow total control over the heat input into the network (the series of circuits determined by the size of the manifold being installed) and come with a built in thermostatic mixing control to allow both installers and home owners to adjust the output temperature to their liking.

These cutting edge manifolds have been designed specifically for ease of use and installation. They incorporate our industry leading push fit technology, which makes creating a circuit and attaching to the flow and return a simple and stress freeprocess and can also be demounted should the need arise.

Designed to provide maximum flexibility, Polypipe underfloor heating manifolds are now available with a range of specifications. This enabling you to control between 2 and 12 circuits. And because the temperature and flow rate of each circuit is fully adjustable, you are now able to create the perfect temperature for your home, in any and every room.

Also take a look at our Brass Manifolds and Polymer Manifold.

More information on installation processes for our Stainless Steel Auto-Balancing manifolds is available below.

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