Overlay® underfloor heating

This low profile system is installed directly over an existing structural floor (solid or timber floor deck) for minimal disruption to your build or renovation project.

This system uses a heavyweight gypsum fibre board with grooves to hold the pipe in place. The boards do not require any additional insulation to be laid and at only 18mm high do not unduly raise the finished floor height. The structural nature of the Overlay® boards means that they are particularly suitable for heavyweight floor finishes such as ceramic tile or engineered timber. The boards can be tiled onto directly.

If you are unsure which Polypipe Underfloor Heating system is the best fit for your project, our team of in-house specialists would be happy to discuss your project and make a recommendation. Simply give us a call on 01709 772380.

Features & benefits of the Overlay® system

  • Low profile system – only 18 mm high
  • Simple installation
  • Strong and durable gypsum fibre boards
  • Brings room to temperature quickly

Key design information

Typical heat output at 50ºC mean water temperature Approx. 79 W/m2
Recommended design flow temperatures 45-50ºC
Maximum circuit length 100m (12mm pipe)
Maximum coverage per circuit 14m2 at 150mm pipe spacing
Dimensions 800mm x 600mm x 18mm

The Overlay® system is available in our new room packs, or simply submit your plans for a quote within 3 hours.

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