Low profile screed system

The low profile screed system is a way of installing underfloor heating in to new solid/screeded floors. It is best suited to refurbishment projects where an increase in the floor build up is at a premium. This system uses lightweight moulded plastic panels to hold the pipe in place before screed is poured on top.

As with the red floor panel system, the low profile panels facilitate the pipework being laid in the optimum spiral configuration and provide a degree of protection for the pipe against other tradespeople working on site. The low profile screed system allows for a lower finished floor height to be achieved because it can be utilised with screed depths from 35mm, whereas the recommended level of screed for red floor panels is 65mm. Remember to always check your screed manufacturer’s installation advice.

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Features & benefits of using the Low Profile Screed system

  • Best practice system for solid and screeded floors
  • Simpler, more accurate installation
  • Precise pipe positioning
  • Ensures minimum pipe bending radius is achieved
  • Panels are quick and easy to cut to size
  • Can be used in any size or shape room
  • Facilitates spiral configurations and 100 mm pipe centres
  • Approximately 15% less screed required

Key design information

Typical heat output at 50ºC mean water temperature 91 W/m2 at 100mm pipe spacing
Recommended design flow temperatures 50ºC
Maximum circuit length 120m
Maximum coverage per circuit 11m2 at 100 mm centres
22m2 at 200 mm centres
30m2 at 300 mm centres (18 mm pipe only)

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