Warm wishes and a stress-free Christmas

Wrapping presents, preparing dinner, inviting the family over and getting everything to come together at the right time can be full of festive flummox. But to help you make it look easy, we’ve a couple handy tips to ensure you’re prepared for the best Christmas ever.

Getting Christmas all wrapped up

This year has seen a big move towards the homemade – from knitting, to crafting to journaling, the personal touch is back in a big way.

There are plenty of online tutorials for easy and creative gift wrapping, but if you find yourselves at home with the kids and trying to wrap the presents, why not get them involved? An afternoon of fun and getting an essential task done at the same time – it’s a win win! Throw a waterproof cloth over the table and break out the paper and paints. Grandma will love to receive her gift wrapped up in your little ones’ original designs.

And if you find yourself in need of a last minute gift, why not take advantage of the gift wrapping option offered by a number of online retailers? Often this comes with a chance to send a customised message too so the recipient knows you chose this gift just for them. So it’s definitely not cheating!

Use your space wisely

Guest lists can be difficult at Christmas time; who to invite, who to leave out (awkward) and who’s going to drive grandma home after she’s had one too many sherries? Before you know it you’ve a headcount of 16 and a dining table that seats just four.

To save you the embarrassment of cramming everybody in, why not invest in an extendable dining suite? Perfect for everyday use and easily transformed to accommodate the unexpected numbers. Already you’re looking like a professional host.

So let’s take this a bit further.

Now you have the perfect dining table, what’s the point in cluttering it with an endless array of bowls and dishes? Invest in some divided serving dishes, they’re great for space-saving whilst giving everyone the chance to serve themselves with everything they want without dipping their sleeves in the toast glasses getting to the sprouts (it’s true… some people do like them!). These handy dishes are available from Dunelm – and will provide that all-important space for those extra bottles of Prosecco and the Christmas crackers.

Comfort and joy with underfloor heating

It’s Christmas morning. The kids have been up since the crack of dawn and sat under the tree tearing through mounds of wrapping paper. Lucky that you made sure your underfloor heating was on a bit earlier than usual.

Underfloor heating is the ideal system to deliver a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home, without leaving any hot or cold spots. Complemented by Smart Plus controls, your system can be managed precisely – either to come on for a couple of hours a day or, if it’s a frosty Christmas, all day to keep comfort going until bedtime.

And with the kids taking up the whole floor playing with toys and running around on adrenalin, it’s good to know there aren’t the hot sharp edges and panels of radiators to get in the way. The elimination of radiators means no nasty accidents if you have young children.

For advice on adding underfloor heating to your home, see Polypipe Underfloor Heating’s handy information centre.

Once the unwrapping and dinner are out of the way you can get cosy, sit back and relax with some festive TV specials – and leave the tidying up until tomorrow. You’ve earned it!


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21st December 2017


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