Tips for washed-up bathrooms

Whether it’s just a little dated, or in need of a whole new look, you deserve a bathroom that feels like more than just a washroom. ‘Warm’ and ‘inviting’ are the words we’d use to describe how this very important space should be. So maybe it’s time to change the mood using our simple, inexpensive tips.


See the light

The Swedes definitely know about getting cozy in the winter, and with the Aurora Borealis on their doorstep, they’re also likely to know a thing or two about lighting. So they carried out a study that revealed lighting and colour schemes have a direct impact on your mood. Get ready then to cozy-up your bathroom for winter – and keep up the good mood for the coming year.

Throw out those old office-style fluorescent tubes – they can make bathrooms appear dated, cast unattractive shadows, and even make your complexion less attractive. Low wattage incandescent bulbs also aren’t ideal as they can create yellow hues and a dull, uninspiring ambiance.


Upgrading your lighting needn’t be a big or expensive job, but it can make your bathroom appear more modern and inviting. If changing the lighting fixtures isn’t an option, try increasing the wattage on your bulbs to ensure you are getting a white light output.


It’s also amazing what a transformation a fresh coat of paint can have. Start with the ceiling, and make like an interior designer by choosing a white matt emulsion (rather than silk or gloss, as although these finishes will reflect light, they’ll cheapen the overall feel). If you have a bold tile in your bathroom, sticking to a white wall colour will prevent the room from becoming too busy or overwhelming. If tiles aren’t your thing, or you’ve chosen a neutral colour scheme then feel free to go wild with your walls. Just keep the finish matt or eggshell for that quality feeling.


Don’t get cold feet about underfloor heating

Bathrooms can often be tricky when it comes to design – particularly if they’re small. But you can free up some useable wall space and achieve complete design freedom by investing in underfloor heating.


Underfloor heating eliminates the need for radiators, allowing you to design your bathroom exactly the way you want. The space saved by losing unattractive radiators allows room for stylish towel hooks, statement pieces of furniture to store your bathroom essentials or even a beautiful full-length mirror.

Don’t worry about having to take up floor decks either. Modern underfloor heating solutions can be installed directly on to your existing floor. So you can enjoy the benefits quicker than you think, with a controllable, energy-efficient and comfortable temperature all year round.


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5th December 2017


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