Tips to make your bathroom feel like a spa

In Japanese culture, the bathroom is about so much more than cleanliness – it’s a space to relax and rejuvenate. Here are three ways you can take inspiration from The Land of the Rising Sun and turn your bathroom into a place of tranquility.


Soak away your troubles

Japanese bathrooms often feature small soaking tubs, which are reserved exclusively for relaxation, rather than hygiene. Most people won’t have the room for a soaking tub, but you can emulate the Japanese ritual by washing and rinsing off in the shower before you bathe, reserving the bath for a long soak! You can add natural oils or salts to your bath water for extra indulgence.


Ensure the perfect ambient temperature

Nobody likes being chilly when they step out of the tub. With traditional heating systems, hot air rises from radiators, meaning that the floor remains cold. In a bathroom with tiled flooring, this can make for very cold feet. Investing in underfloor heating will ensure that your room and your floor are the perfect ambient temperature all year round, so that you can take your time and relax rather than racing to get ready!


Give a nod to nature

Japanese design often takes inspiration from nature, incorporating stones, bamboo, and greenery wherever possible. Place one or two natural elements such as a potted plant or an arrangement of stones on a counter top or shelf, to bring a touch of nature to your bathroom. You could also invest in a Bluetooth speaker system to play nature sounds or relaxing music and create a spa-like atmosphere.


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7th September 2017


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