Summer Home Improvement Projects for any Budget

Summer has finally arrived and is settling in nicely, inspiring homeowners across the nation to finish off their DIY projects in preparation for a season of sun. Okay,  that might be optimistic – this is the UK, after all –  but it is important that your home is ready for the warmer weather.

Come rain or shine, you’ll enjoy the summer so much more if you’re prepared. From a new summer wardrobe to a summer-ready home – there are plenty of ways to get ready for everything the season brings. Whether you want a beautiful space to bask in the sun or you want to keep things cool in the shade, there are so many home improvement projects that you can undertake to make sure your home is set for the sun.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Instead of relying on air conditioning or the lowest notch on your thermostat, a ceiling fan to can help to combat the heat in your home. Although a ceiling fan won’t technically cool your room, it does introduce a breeze which makes the room feel cooler by up to 5 degrees – which is perfect on a warm summer’s day.

Not only do they help to cool your home down, but ceiling fans can help to keep your energy bills down too. Ceiling fans can help to reduce your electricity bill by up to 40%. Additionally, by changing the direction of the ceiling fan, you can actually warm up a room during the winter months – perfectly complimenting your underfloor heating.

Invest in Double Glazing

People typically invest in double glazing in order to keep their home warmer in the winter – but it’s a great addition to your home in the summer too. It’s a common misconception that opening windows will help to cool down the house in the summer months, however, this only lets warm air in.

Double glazing works to minimise the amount of heat energy transferred from one side of the window to the other through convection. This means it can help to maintain a cooler temperature inside the house on hot summer days.

Close up Ventilation Leaks

Gaps and cracks around the windows and doors can allow cool air to escape, resulting in significant energy loss. If replacing your windows isn’t an option for you, then sealing ventilation leaks is the next best option.

Silicone caulk is the ideal sealant, providing a watertight and airtight seal. It helps to keep the hot air out and the cold air in, maximising energy and comfort.

Bi-fold Doors are the way Forward

Bi-fold doors are the product of choice for many designers. Not only are they sleek and stylish, but they also maximise light within the room – perfect for a glorious summer’s day. Equally, they’re a great space-saving option as they can completely fold away while they’re open – making them the perfect option for those who are short on space.

With seamless integration between your garden and your interior space, they’re great for summer barbecues and get-togethers and are the perfect way to bring the outside in. If that wasn’t enough, bi fold doors can significantly reduce your energy bills – both in the summer and the winter. In the summer months, bi fold doors will introduce a cool breeze throughout your home. In the winter, they’ll help to keep the warm air in – reducing the energy required to heat your home.

Install Decking

If you enjoy spending time in your garden on summer days, then decking is the perfect way to upgrade your home. Not only does it provide you with the perfect sunbathing spot, but it’s also a great space for entertaining – from BBQs to outdoor dinner parties, decking provides the ideal setting.

Not only does decking look beautiful in your garden, but it is also relatively easy to install – meaning you can start to enjoy your new addition in no time at all. It’s also durable and easy to maintain, so decking will stay looking fresh for as long as you take care of it.

Give Your Fencing a Paint Job

After battling through a British winter, fence panels can look a little tired and weathered.

Although it might not be the most glamorous summertime DIY job, putting a lick of paint on those faded, tired-looking fence panels can really help to freshen them up and protect them from rotting.

Before you even think about picking up a paint brush, you should use a pressure washer to get rid of any dirt and mould from the panels. Once the panels are completely dry, you’re ready to paint! Whether you choose a paint sprayer, brush or roller – repainting your garden fence is certainly worth the effort.

Invest in Solar Panels

It’s a common misconception that solar panels use heat from the sun to generate electricity, however, it’s actually light energy that’s used. Although solar panels generate energy throughout the whole year, their performance is often much higher in the summer months when there are more hours of daylight.

Whether it’s for your home or your summer house, they’re a fantastic solution to rising energy costs, as the sun will never increase its prices!

We’ve got plenty more home improvement tips over on our blog, so you can transform your home no matter what the season.



Home Improvement


18th July 2018


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