Make your home feel like a hotel

Fancy bringing a little bit of hotel luxury home with you? Here are three ways you can enjoy the getaway feeling every day.


Layer your lighting

How do you choose lighting for your home? Take a few tips from the hotel industry, where lighting is carefully planned and layered to make sure that every space suits its function and creates the desired atmosphere.

Firstly, you should think about the kind of light you will need to illuminate the whole space. This could be a bright light fitting in the centre of the room or spotlights with a dimmer switch to create a softer ambience.

Then, use accent lighting to highlight design features, such as your favourite framed photograph or artwork, or bring a new focus to functional items such as staircases and bookshelves.

You’ll then need to consider any additional lighting you’ll need for particular tasks – such as a reading light within reach of your bed or next to a comfy armchair.


Which bed sheets are best?

When it comes to the bedroom, an easy way to add a little hotel-style luxury is to invest in good quality, crisp white bed sheets.

It’s often said that the higher the thread count, the better the quality of your bed sheets – but what is thread count? Well, thread count tells you how many horizontal and vertical threads there are in one square inch of fabric, and the number can range from 60 up to 800.

However, don’t just pay attention to thread count alone. You should also bear in mind factors such as the type and quality of the fibres in the fabric, the weave used, and steer clear of sheets that have had harsh chemicals added to their finishing process.

Check out this article by a luxury linens designer for more tips on finding the perfect bed sheets to transform your bed into one fit for a five-star hotel room!


Creating the perfect temperature

The finest hotels often use the latest technology to provide the most comfortable environment for their guests – especially when it comes to getting the temperature just right.

To achieve the ideal ambient temperature throughout your home, choose underfloor heating with smart controls, giving you precise control over your heating even when you’re on the go.

Underfloor heating systems warm a space more gently and evenly than traditional radiator systems, meaning there are no hot or chilly spots to be found anywhere – just a cosy, ambient temperature to give you that hotel feeling without having to leave home.


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14th November 2017


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