5 Interior Design Trends for 2018

The most popular interior design trends of 2017 saw houses filled with tropical prints, metallic accents and marble worktops. While some of last year’s trends are set to stay, others are making their way out. The interior design trends in 2018 will breathe life into your home, keeping it looking fresh and stylish.  From statement ceilings to patterned floors – 2018 is set to be bold and modern.

Patterned Flooring

Statement flooring is set to be a huge interior design trend in 2018. From geometric rugs to herringbone tiling – getting creative with your flooring is the perfect way to reinvigorate a room. Alternatively, patterned vinyl flooring is another way to embrace this trend, with hundreds of different options available.

If you’re worried about tiling or vinyl flooring making the room cold, then underfloor heating is the perfect option. There’s an underfloor heating solution for every floor type – including wood, vinyl, stone, tiles and carpet. The single room kits from Polypipe are perfect for a single room project. So if you’re considering changing your flooring in one of the rooms in your house, then underfloor heating should be contemplated to make the room extra-luxurious.

Dark Colours

The dark, moody colour palette will be a huge interior design trend in 2018. From dark wooden furniture to luxurious emerald accents, adding a few dark touches to a room can give it that extra edge.

If you’re not ready to redecorate an entire room with an on-trend navy colour, then adding dark, moody accents can really change the entire room’s aesthetic. Whether you opt for a trendy emerald-green throw or some dark wooden furniture – incorporating some dark statement pieces will transform the room.

Metallic Accents

While rose gold and copper accents were big in 2017, 2018 brings a new way to enhance your home with luxe metallics. This year there’s less of an emphasis on rose gold and copper and more of a focus on brass and gold tones.

From brass lamps to gold mirrors – this trend will add an instant touch of luxury to any room. This style works perfectly with darker colours, helping to lift the room and add an extra edge.

Tropical and Botanical Prints

Tropical prints are back this year, but with less of a focus on bright, carnival colours and more emphasis on green botanical prints. In 2018, it’s all about mixing different shades of lush, leafy greens to create an exotic, on-trend space.

Additionally, this trend works perfectly with dark colours, meaning you can truly design your room around the interior design trends of 2018.

It’s set to be an exciting year for interior design, with so much scope for interpretation. When you’re designing your new interiors, it’s worth considering installing underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is the ultimate luxury, which is why everyone is installing underfloor heatingin their homes – it’s certainly set to be a timeless trend.



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15th May 2018


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