Why everyone is installing underfloor heating

With 95% of homeowners1 now preferring to spend money on renovating their current homes rather than task themselves with moving, a large number of them are investing in water-based underfloor heating.

This is because, like analogue TVs, radiators are a thing of the past as homeowners are now searching for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why:

Firstly, it’s seen as the ultimate luxury.

Radiators have been around since the 1800’s but unfortunately for even some of the most stylish radiators, home heating has moved into a new era. The rising availability of underfloor heating means you’re able to show off your ability to adopt to new technology quicker than your neighbours, whilst benefiting from more space design freedom.

Secondly, a study by Nationwide Building Society2 found that a lack of central heating can knock as much as 9% off the value of your property. Water-based underfloor heating will not only solve the issues of draughts and cold spots, but it will promote the feeling of true warmth in the home and increase your resale price.

As the handsome and environmentally conscious Leonardo DiCaprio urges us all to be more green, home-owners are attempting to do their part by recycling and replacing old appliances for energy efficient ones. Water-based systems can be up to 30% more energy efficient than your radiators as they operate on a lower water temperature. This also reduces your heating costs and carbon footprint.

Nowadays, people are controlling their lives through their mobile phones. So why not add the ability to control your central heating to the list? As with any central heating system, underfloor heating can be set to a timer but Polypipe Underfloor Heating allows for remote controllability.

Although initial purchase costs are higher than radiators, the return on investment in an underfloor heating solution is quick and with Polypipe’s 50 year guarantee, there’s little reason for you not to join the thousands of others lending their hand to protecting the environment.



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26th August 2016


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