Inspired tiny spaces… make the most of a small room

Size isn’t everything – a small room can still be a stylish and functional space within your home. Here are our top tips for creating an inspired tiny space: 

Get creative with your storage

Maximise every inch of space; corners, cupboards and cubbyholes.  A magazine file fixed to the interior of a cupboard door can hold cleaning essentials in the kitchen, or store hair appliances in the bathroom for example. You could also try attaching a clipboard or small noticeboard to keep important papers on hand but out of sight!

Be clever with colour

To ensure that a small space feels bright and airy, keep your colour palette light and neutral. Try using several different tones of one common shade for your floor, walls and ceiling. This will create unity and a feeling of spaciousness.

Choose your fittings wisely

Clever thinking and clever mod cons can make your small spaces a big hit. Underfloor heating not only offers a consistent ambient heat, but it removes the need for wall-mounted radiators, freeing up valuable extra space allowing your creativity to stretch even further. In the kitchen, you might also consider installing reduced size appliances such as one-drawer dishwashers and refrigerator drawers.

Let the light in 

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to making a small room feel bigger. Leave windows uncovered wherever possible, or if you need a little privacy, opt for translucent window coverings. Also mirrored and clear accessories will work wonders in reflecting light and adding to the illusion of space.

Opt for floating furniture

Choose floating kitchen counters and bathroom cabinets or furniture that sit on legs, allowing the floor space to appear more expansive and the room bigger as a consequence.


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3rd August 2017


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