Home Décor Ideas to Make a Room Look More Spacious – Guest Post by TidyAwayToday.co.uk

Lack of space is a common issue amongst home owners and renters alike.  Many of us feel things would be better if we had a little more room! Fortunately, whether your small room is boxy and straight, or quirky with nooks and crannies, there are things you can do to improve the situation – if not physically make it bigger, then at least give the impression of extra space. Here are some home décor ideas to try:

Home décor ideas to open the space up

There are different ways to give your home a more ‘open plan’ feel that will make it appear more spacious. We’re not necessarily talking knocking down walls here – but if you are embarking on any renovation work, now is the time to think about whether you can knock two rooms into one by removing internal walls. If you can’t physically remove partitions, then consider installing the same floor surface throughout connecting rooms to give an uninterrupted flow (this is also a good opportunity to install underfloor heating!). Replacing solid doors with internal doors featuring glass designs is another device to open things up visually.


Dark walls and ceilings tend to cosy up a space and make it feel more cocooned, so if you use lighter, brighter tones in your decor the effect will be reversed and the space will automatically feel more airy. Opt for paint with light reflecting properties and keep window dressings to a minimum. Heavy curtains will close in on a room, so minimal blinds in sheer fabrics are a good option. Or simple window film can work well to give privacy without diminishing the natural light. Adding a mirror or lamp to any dark corner to add light and reflection are other effective room brighteners.

It doesn’t mean that bold patterns or dark colours can’t be incorporated, as both can actually add depth and contrast which is important when creating the impression of extra space. Just use them sparingly so they don’t overwhelm the interior design scheme.

Choose furniture carefully

Heavy vintage furniture can often look fabulous, but can also dominate a small room, so perhaps choose more streamlined modular pieces that can be configured to your needs and is able to blend in seamlessly. You can add a vintage or quirky touch using other home décor ideas, such as art work and decorative accessories. Also look at multi-functional design, e.g. a bench with built-in storage or a table that folds down when not in use. A simple idea is to go for sofas, armchairs and TV stands on legs so that more of the floor space is visible.  Similarly, glass surfaces tend not to encroach as much as solid ones, so consider a glass topped coffee table to let the light flow through as much as possible.

Clear away clutter

There’s no doubt that clutter can automatically make any room feel cramped. So, if your space is already limited, don’t allow too much home admin or too many home accessories to impose on precious space. Have a few simple storage solutions set up – boxes under the bed for seasonal clothing, a simple filing system for your paperwork and regularly recycling newspapers and magazines to keep clutter to a minimum. Ensure you have a place for everything such as pens, your phone, keys or glasses etc. Not only will everywhere look neater, you’ll be less stressed from always being able to find your belongings!

So as you can see, there are plenty of home décor ideas to help to make a room look more spacious. Have you tried any of these ideas? Let us know if you have any more good suggestions!





18th June 2018


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