Carpet and UFH – Laying down the facts

Carpets are making a comeback. After years of being seen as an outdated way to decorate a home, new, sophisticated designs in softer, more sympathetic colours are encouraging homeowners to choose carpets to complement their furniture.


The nitty-gritty

Now for the technical bit! Industry research shows that carpets and underlay with a combined 2.5 TOG rating can be used with underfloor heating without affecting its efficiency.

The most popular underlay is sponge with a waffle pattern, which allows good heat transfer across the whole floor. For optimal system performance choose an underlay with a maximum TOG value of around 0.5.

The maximum TOG value of carpet should be approximately 1.0 to 2.0. It’s worth keeping in mind that felt and rubber crumb underlay should be avoided as it can reduce the effectiveness of underfloor heating systems.


The case for carpets

Carpets are no longer unloved, ignored aspects of British homes. By combining them with underfloor heating you can create a truly warm and welcoming living space.


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17th October 2017


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