Adaptable living spaces – rooms that work around you

When styled the right way, a single space in your home can serve multiple purposes. Here are some simple tips on making your home more adaptable, with living spaces that work around you.


Furniture – go for multifunctional pieces

With so many great quality designers and retailers out there, when it comes to furniture nowadays the possibilities are endless. Seats, sofas, and footstools are often available as modular pieces so you are free to choose, and to change, the combination that works for you. These pieces can also provide hidden extra storage. Or, opt for stylish foldaway furniture that can be stowed away when not in use. You can even opt for a dining room set which can be pulled down from a wall unit – sneaky!

Adaptable furniture means that you don’t have to buy new pieces or worry about where to put them, should your room requirements change.


Décor – keep it simple

Keep walls and floors throughout the home neutral and inject your personality using bright cushions, wall paintings, and accessories instead. 

This will minimise the need to redecorate, as all you need to do is switch around your accessories to achieve a whole new look. Voilà!


Layout – keep it open

Take full advantage of the open-plan trends we’ve been seeing in recent years. Keep your furniture to a minimum and use sliding doors, screens, or clever furniture placement to split your living space into different zones. If you fancy a change, simply rearrange the room to achieve the layout that works best for you.

Underfloor heating can help you achieve this open plan look, as it eliminates the need for radiators and allows you to take complete control of your space. Creating an even, ambient temperature, it allows you to arrange and rearrange your space however you like, without having to work around wall-mounted heating systems. And with water based underfloor heating you can have ultimate control over how you heat your open plan room. You can create different zones within a single space so your living area can be heated to different temperatures at different times than your kitchen space.

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31st August 2017


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