Turn your summer house into a year-round retreat

Thanks to shows like Shed of the Year and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, the humble British garden shed and summerhouse is enjoying a 21st century renaissance. In 2017, over 2,900 people nominated their sheds and summerhouses for the 10th Annual Shed of the Year contest as more and more Brits look to maximise space in their home.

People are spending money converting their once neglected storage space at the end of the garden into an all-seasons living space.


UFH in summer houses

Paired with the right insulation, there are heating options available which make this a usable space for the long winter months. Space-saving solutions such as water-based underfloor heating offer a new approach to ensuring a shed or summerhouse can be a year-round retreat, not just reserved for sunny days.

Underfloor heating is an ideal heating solution in small areas where space is at a premium. The advantage of underfloor heating is the flexibility and scalability the system provides. As the technology has improved, the cost of systems has also reduced, so you’re likely to find a solution to match your budget.

Turn your sun trap into an energy source

If getting mains electricity to your shed or summerhouse is proving difficult, why not use free solar energy instead? This is a safe, environmentally friendly system that will allow your garden building to be powered off-grid – which could have a positive effect on monthly heating bills.


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25th August 2017


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