5 Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

This blog is from guest blogger Antonia Ludden, the founder of the UK home interior and lifestyle blog #tidylife. You can visit her site for the latest home inspiration and lifestyle tips here.

Nobody likes receiving expensive energy bills, but the good news is that there’s plenty you can do to make them more affordable in the future.

From taking simple measures to making bigger changes in the home, here are five ways you can save energy and do your bit for the planet as well as your pocket!

Get a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great way to streamline your energy usage and make savings. The technology allows you to programme your heating to automatically turn down or off when you are out of the house or asleep. And with apps for your phone, you can even control the heating when you are miles away from home.

Install Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an efficient way to heat a room, thanks to its even distribution of heat – and it works at a lower temperature than radiators do. Although you may pay a little more upfront to get it installed, you will save money in the long term and it’s a really popular choice for new-build properties or when you are having a new floor installed.

There are also now options for retro-fitting over existing floors if you’re considering a refurbishment project, and at only 18mm deep these systems won’t dramatically increase your floor heights.

Insulation Matters

Insulate your home properly and you will see the savings. Think about getting some cavity wall insulation, if you haven’t already, and insulating your loft or roof space. General insulating of pipes and draught proofing around the home will help too. They are relatively simple steps, but really effective in reducing heat loss and therefore having a direct impact on your heating bills.

Consider Fitting Solar Panels

Solar panels have risen in popularity over recent years. Lots of people are cutting their energy bills by installing solar panels on their roofs – you have probably seen them in your neighbourhood. Just like with underfloor heating, you have to factor in the installation costs. However, the sunlight captured and converted by your solar panels is free and you can even get paid for the excess energy you generate, so you’ll soon make that money back.

Be More Energy Aware

It’s highly recommend you get a meter that shows your energy usage. This simple step really brings home to you how much energy you use during an average day. Having it in a prominent place, such as by the kettle, will remind you to not to leave things switched on unnecessarily. You can also take simple actions, such as getting some standby savers in the home, to make sure no devices are needlessly left on.

Other things you can do are turn your thermostat down a degree, put lids on pans when cooking and not leave lights on in empty rooms. Additionally, when you’re making a hot drink, you should only boil the amount of water that you’re going to use to prevent you from wasting energy.


Go Green


4th July 2019


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