Zonal Regulation Unit (ZRU)

The Polypipe Zonal Regulation Unit (ZRU) allows single rooms and extensions up to 30m² to be connected to an existing heating system, without time consuming and expensive hydraulic and electrical alterations.

When connected to an existing radiator heating system, the ZRU converts the water flow and temperature to that suitable for underfloor heating.

• The ZRU boosts flow, ensuring that the underfloor system is not reliant on existing pump pressure
• Water is thermostatically blended to provide the ideal safe flow temperature control
• Sensors within the unit ensure operation only occurs when heat is available from the existing heating system
• Room thermostat regulates air temperature in the space being heated
• Although designed to be surface mounted in the heated area, the ZRU can be positioned elsewhere within the property
• The ZRU can be used in both domestic and commercial buildings
• As the ZRU thermostatically controls water temperature, the unit can also be used where low surface temperature heating by radiators is required

For more information about installing ZRUs download the Plumbing and Heating Installation Guide.

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