Polypipe also offers a Staple system that fits directly onto the insulation layer that is laid before a screed or concrete floor is installed. This is a more traditional method of installing underfloor floor heating into a Solid/Screeded floor.

Staple systems offer a cost effective solution for screeded floors, simply use the staple gun to fix the pipe directly to the insulation boards.


Features & Benefits of using the Staple system:

  • Cost effective
  • Minimum fixing materials needed
Material Requirements (Approx.)
Pipe 8.2m/m² at 100mm centres
4.5m/m² at 200mm centres
Staple usage 1 box (300) staples for every 150m of pipe
Edge expansion strip 1.1m/m²
Conduit Pipe 2m/circuit
Product dimensions 60mm/40mm
Staple installation guidance
  • Step 1: Fitting Insulation

    In accordance with Part ‘L’ of the current Building Regulations, a suitable layer of insulation material should be included within the floor construction. It is the responsibility of the architect or builder to ensure compliance. However, in all instances insulation must be installed beneath the underfloor heating system in order to ensure that any downward heat loss does not exceed 10W/m2, in accordance with BS EN 1264.

  • Step 2: Laying the insulation panels

    When laying the insulation boards, ensure that the joints of each board are staggered and securely taped so as to minimise any risk of movement.

  • Step 3: Fitting the edging strip

    Using the edge expansion strip allows the free expansion of the floor screed. The expansion strip comes with a self-adhesive strip which bonds the panel to the wall, it should be installed around the perimeter wall and around fixed constructions such as columns, steps and access doors. The edge expansion strip also comes with a plastic skirt which lays over the top of the insulation to prevent the screed seeping in to the join between the insulation panel and edge expansion strip. Edge expansion strip should be fitted in addition to perimeter insulation required by Building Regulations.

  • Step 4: Using the Staple Gun

    Load the staples from the top and secure with the plastic weight so to ensure the staples stay in position.

  • Step 5: Fitting the pipe

    The pipe should be laid in the same spiral or serpentine pattern as the panel system with the staples fixed at a minimum of 500mm centres.

    The pipe should be installed at 200mm centres.

    The plastic skirt should be laid over the insulation and the outside run of pipe stapled into the skirt covered insulation to create a seal around the edge of the area.

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