Smart Plus Controls

Smart Controls

Our Smart Plus controls are our most advanced yet. Whether at home or on-the-go, you can adjust the temperature of your Polypipe Underfloor Heating system using a smartphone, tablet or stylish touchscreen thermostat.

Energy consumption can be monitored and homeowners can even set their systems to Holiday mode to avoid coming back to a cold home.

It’s easy to upgrade from existing Polypipe controls and, with the new wiring centre, pairing the controls is as simple as pushing a button.

TFT Master Thermostat

TFT Master Thermostat

Product code: UFHTFTMWP

This large, easy-to-read, touchscreen thermostat is the main device your customers will need to control their underfloor heating system. It comes in a choice of a white or a black background and has a variety of frame colour options to choose from. Users can control up to 8 zones from the thermostat and when used with the Internet Plugin Module, the unit is compatible with your customer’s smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Master Thermostat also includes the following outstanding features:

  • Manually override schedules and make changes to the pre-set temperature allowing for precise control over the heating system
  • Control up to 8 zones in the house from one master unit
  • Choose from a range of frame colours to suit each room of the house
  • Choose from five editable pre-set schedules or have the option to create a personalised schedule
  • Comes with a parental lock for enhanced safety
  • Screensaver options for added personalisation
  • The Master TFT Thermostat

TFT Touchscreen Thermostat

TFT Touchscreen Thermostat

Product code: UFHTFTBP

This touchscreen thermostat works with the Master Thermostat and is fitted in other rooms in the house. The control allows users to adjust the pre-set room temperature and daily schedule in a specific room or zone. What's more, there is the option to use pin-protected security to prevent unwelcome changes.

The touchscreen control is easy to install and allows users to benefit from:

  • Set and manually override schedules allowing precise control over the space it's in
  • Screen automatically adjusts brightness according to time of day
  • Pin protected for added security and adjustable display settings such as temperature, date and alarm clock
  • Upload photos to personalise the screensaver
  • Available in a choice of a white or black background and a variety of frame colour options
  • The Standard TFT Thermostat

Room Temperature Sensor with Boost Function

Room Temperature Sensor with Boost Function

Product code: UFHBOOSTWP

Although room temperature is primarily operated through the Master Thermostat, the boost function allows users to temporarily boost the temperature for the designated zone – making it ideal to control temperature in spaces such as bedrooms. The sensor also smartly decides whether to turn the system on or off to achieve the pre-set Master Thermostat programme, depending on the current room temperature.

  • Boosts Temperature with a Room Temperature Sensor

Room Temperature Sensor

Room Temperature Sensor

Product code: UFHSENSEWP

This sleek looking temperature sensor is operated through the Master Thermostat. It’s minimalistic and battery powered, making it ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms.

Smart Plus Controls Instructional Videos
  • Pairing Thermostats

  • Connecting to the Internet

  • Screen Settings

  • Setting up your PIN

  • Changing names and icons for zones

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