Single Room Kits

Polypipe Underfloor Heating is a fantastic whole house heating solution but it can also be fitted within single rooms. This range of underfloor heating packs contains all the products required for a single room project.
1. Select the floor type applicable for the room from the following options:
Solid Floor – Red Floor Panel (Code SO) Solid Floor – Staple (Code SS)
Overlay™ (Code O) Overlay™ Lite (Code OL)
2. Select the total heated floor area for the room and round up to the following options:
*5m² (Code 5) 12m² (Code 12) 20m² (Code 20) 30m² (Code 30)
3. Add the control unit:
ZRU – For connection to existing heating system (Code Z)
*Temperature Limiting Valve – For connection to existing heating systems in rooms up to 5m² (Code B)
4. Optional Room Thermostatic control:
ZRU only (No additional code)
Wired Digital Thermostat (Code C)
RF Digital Thermostat (Code RF)

The order code for a 20m2 solid floor with a ZRU would be:

Related product: Zonal Regulation Unit (ZRU)

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