Overlay™ Lite 15 (Suspended Floor)

For enhanced performance, especially over larger floor areas, use our new OverlayTM Lite 15 panels for an integrated insulated solution.


Features & Benefits of using the OverlayTM Lite 15 (Suspended Floor) system:

  • Can be used with traditional joists
  • System includes insulation and heat spreader layer
  • System can be used with low temperature heat sources for optimum efficiency
Material Requirements (Approx.)
Pipe 4.5m/m²
Overlay™ Lite 15 floor panels 1 panel/m²
End Returns 0.5/m²
Aluminium Tape 1 roll per 10m²
Overlay™ Lite 15 (Suspended Floor) installation guidance
  • Step 1: Fix the battens

    Fix the battens as used to support the timber board to ensure that when the 22mm Overlay™ Lite 15 panel is installed, surface contact with the underside of the floorboards is achieved.

  • Step 2: Measure in between joists

    Measure in between joists and then cut the panels to size before laying them on top of the prefixed battens.

  • Step 3: Cut the panels

    Cut the Overlay™ Lite 15 panels to size - the preformed line on the back of the panel indicates the centre line i.e. 400mm.

  • Step 4: Lay the panels

    Lay the panels onto the timber board leaving a gap at one end so as to facilitate notching the joists. Please follow the industry guidelines for notching requirements (0.07 to 0.25 of the span).

  • Step 5: Screw the panels to the timber board

    Working from a temporary board, screw the panels to the timber board so as to prevent any movement.

  • Step 6: Lay the pipe

    Lay the pipe into the grooves of the panels taking care to form a smooth bend at one end.

  • Step 7: The pipe can be taken out the room

    Once the circuit has been laid, the pipes can be taken out of the room using the notches in the joists as provided.

  • Step 8: Testing

    Once the pipe circuits have been installed and connected to the manifold, the system should be pressure tested to 6 bar for a minimum of 1 hour before the timber floor covering is laid. It is recommended that the system remains

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