Overlay™ Lite

OverlayTM accommodates all types of projects and floor coverings and the only choice, is that of which panel will be most appropriate for the installation. Both OverlayTM  and OverlayTM Lite can be used for the majority of projects. However, the choice of OverlayTM is determined by floor covering selection. OverlayTM and OverlayTM Lite can be used as appropriate in the same project.


OverlayTM Lite is the ideal solution for lightweight floor coverings such as laminate and engineered wood floors, which should be laid directly over the system.


OverlayTM Lite products are lightweight and easy to install, making it ideal for larger floor areas or upper stories.


Features & Benefits of using the OverlayTM Lite system:

  • Low profile system (18mm deep)
  • No need to excavate existing floor
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for multiple floor coverings
  • Lightweight pre-grooved boards
  • Ideal for both single room and whole house applications
  • Fast response times

Optimal floor coverings:

  • Laminate
  • Engineered Wood
  • Carpet
Material Requirements (Approx.)
Overlay™ Lite Floor Panel Coverage 0.75m²
Pipe 7m length/m²
End returns 2 end returns per floor panel
12mm x 80m coil of pipe 1 coil per circuit
15mm x 12mm adaptors & stiffeners 1 pack per circuit
Overlay™ Lite installation guidance
  • Step 1: Laying end returns

    Start by fixing two end returns to the floor in a corner of the room. Remove the pipe panel if not required as per your floor plan.

    This should be done by using suitable screws in the screw holes of the end return panels when fixing to a wood floor or by using Overlay™ adhesive (Product Code: PB777) to bond the end returns to solid floors.

  • Step 2: Laying the panels

    Lay the panel ensuring you line up the grooves in the panel with those in the end returns, then continue to lay the first row of panels using short lengths of pipe to help with panel alignment.

  • Step 3: Cutting the panels

    When you get close to the end of the first row fit two end returns against the wall as shown in step 1 and if necessary cut an Overlay™ Lite floor panel to fit and complete the first row.

    Cutting the panels Panels can be cut using a sharp knife and a metal ruler.

  • Step 4: Repeat procedure

    Once you have completed the first row begin the process again with the second row, staggering the panels in a brickwork pattern.

  • Step 5: Securing the panels

    Use the self adhesive foil tape along the long panel joints to securely fix the panels to the adjacent row.

  • Step 6: Repeat procedure

    Now continue this process, completing the whole room.

  • Step 7: Laying the pipe

    Starting from your manifold position and allowing enough pipe for connections, lay the pipe into the grooves of the Overlay™ Lite floor panel in accordance with your plan.

  • Step 8: Securing the pipes

    Once you have finished laying the pipe use the self adhesive foil tape to secure the panels and pipe, running across all the panel joints, and do the same across the joints where the panels meet the end returns.

  • Step 8: Finishing

    Laminate and engineered wood can be laid directly over Overlay™ Lite floor panels. Where carpet is being fitted, first fix a 6mm MDF or 10mm plywood using a contact adhesive, then continue to lay the floor covering as normal. It is advisable to mark out pipe positioning to avoid stapling pipes when fitting carpets.

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