Modular Heating Panels (MHP)

For the ultimate quick and easy installation solution, use our pre-configured, insulated panels that include all the system components already integrated. The panels are supplied in sized panels which are simply fitted and connected together on-site


Features & Benefits of using the Modular Heating Panels system:

  • Pre-configured solution
  • Can be used with both traditional or composite (I beam) joists
  • Maximises heat efficiency
  • System can be used with low temperature heat sources for optimum efficiency
Product Documentation
Modular Heating Panels (MHP) installation guidance
  • Step 1: Select panel width

    The spacing of joists and the available gap will determine which MHP panel width will be most suitable for each project. Select the MHP width nearest to the gap width, ensuring that this does not encroach on the space for other services. The 490mm width panel will normally be fitted in the wider joist spacing used by composite joists and ‘I’ beams.

  • Step 2: Select panel length

    The span of the joists in each room will determine which MHP panel length should be selected. The span is defined as the free space from wall to wall that needs to remain uninterrupted by trimmers or other services. Ideally, install MHP panels prior to other services whenever possible.

    Use the table as a quick guide to suitable arrangements of MHP panels leaving a 200mm gap for pipe connections.

  • Step 3: Planning your room arrangement

    Calculating the amount of floor area to be covered by MHP will be based on the required heat output (see our heat output table on page 75) and will take into account areas of the floor that do not require heating, such as under built-in wardrobes, baths and shower cubicles. The diagram below illustrates a typical layout that might be considered.

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