Peak hill: a bespoke heating solution for a challenging self-build

Efficiency was high on the list of priorities for self-builders in Hampshire when they began planning their dream home. Based on a hill, the six-bedroom property which covers 350m2 also provided challenges to both the self-builders and various workmen, including the plumbers, during its construction.

The whole house heating solution, which the homeowners wanted to run from an air source heat pump, needed to be sympathetic to the varying floor levels that the hill presented; most rooms in the house were spread over two levels. Polypipe presented the perfect solution. Its underfloor heating systems are an ideal accompaniment to energy efficient heat sources such as air source heat pumps, and its systems’ 15mm polybutylene pipes can bend 90 degrees, meaning they could easily navigate around the tight bends of the property to connect the underfloor heating system.

Solid floor underfloor heating was used on the ground floor of the property, while Modular Heating Panels (MHP) were used in the upper floors. MHPs are an ideal choice for upstairs underfloor heating, as the preconfigured panels are simply slotted into the existing joists of a suspended floor from above or below.

Non-disruptive installation

“Polypipe’s systems were a real bonus for us. A lot of people don’t realise that they can install underfloor heating into the upstairs of a property, but this is easily possible with products such as Modular Heating Panels. And because the panels protect the pipes, builders were able to work around the underfloor heating to continue other work within the property, without fear of disrupting the installation. This helped us to stick to schedule on the build.”
Michael Lynn, plumber.

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