Newbuild with solid floor underfloor heating

Integer Houses became well known for their intelligent and environmentally friendly homes when they took part in the BBCs Dream House series in 1998.

Their first home to be built in Newbury, Berkshire was the result of a partnership between Warden Housing Association, West Berkshire Council and Berkeley Homes. The four bedroom detached house used features that would benefit the environment, and a low energy heating source was a major priority.

Throughout the ground floor of the house Polypipe Underfloor Heating was specified, for both ease of installation and energy efficiency. Floor heating can be more economical to run than a complete radiator based system, as it requires a low temperature rise output from the boiler. Therefore, householders can set the thermostat lower than they would with radiators to receive the same levels of heat.

Polypipe Underfloor Heating solutions are simple and easy for your installers to fit. Within the Newbury house, the plastic mounting boards were laid at regular intervals across the concrete sub-floor area to hold the flexible Polypipe heating pipes in place. The boards can be easily cut to fit with a fine saw or knife. Floor screed then covered the area to the top of the mounting boards, completely surrounding the pipes to offer system security and even heat conductivity. The mounting boards required less than 10cm installation height, and their overlapping, dove-tailed construction ensured tight, interlocking boards.

The system in the Integer property was compatible with the natural gas central heating, which utilised dual, individually controlled circuits with thermostatic radiator valves. Polypipe’s range of underfloor heating products can be used as the main or secondary source of a home’s heating, and incorporate a wide variety of control solutions, offering buyers freedom over how they heat each room.

The Polypipe systems use flexible polybutylene piping, which offers ease of handling and is safer and quicker to install than alternative plastic pipe systems. The installation of our systems is completed in one stage, reducing the cost of installation, as well as the length of time installers spend on each property. Floor heating is up to 20% quicker to install than radiator systems, and also reduces the decorating time, as there is no need to remove newly fitted radiators to paint behind them.

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