Why underfloor heating

We work with you, so that you can work with us.

More people are starting to ask if the heating system they’ve got is the best one for them. By adding Polypipe Underfloor Heating to your product and service offering, you can give your customers the right heating solution they’re looking for.

Unlike other types of systems, underfloor heating gently and evenly warms water in a network of pipes. This uses less energy than electric systems and can run as low as 35°C compared with radiators that typically operate at 80°C. So as well as freeing up wall and floor space for decorating, it gives your customers control of their heating costs while creating a warm and comfortable home.

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What your customers can expect

Polypipe Underfloor Heating comes with separate temperature controls for every room of the house, adding comfort while conserving energy. It also does away with hotspots and cold draughts that commonly come with radiators. What’s more, it’s virtually maintenance-free.

What you can expect

Choose from a comprehensive range of solutions backed by the support you need for quick and easy installation. You’ll have access to our team of dedicated Heating Managers and expert design team for the best results. They’re just some of the benefits of being a part of our Registered Installer Network.


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