Kew Riverside Project

The project

The Kew Riverside project is an exclusive development of 200 apartments and 100 houses, including leisure facilities, on the banks of the Thames. These prestigious homes required a heating system that would accentuate the air of elegance, and retain the feeling of space and freedom created by the architects. The subcontractor, Pipeworks Mechanical Services Ltd of Ashford, Kent, specified Polypipe Underfloor Heating in order to achieve these aims. Installing floor heating removed the need for unsightly radiators, providing homeowners with more useable wall space, and the freedom to design their rooms in imaginative and creative ways.


Kew Riverside Project

The challenge

The Polypipe system provides owners of the Kew properties with an even, comfortable form of heating. It emits a gentle, radiant warmth across the entire floor surface, ensuring the room is heated evenly, eliminating draughts and cold spots. The heating creates a warm zone about two metres from the floor surface, creating a comfortable atmosphere, unlike radiators which heat the ceiling first and produce a stuffy atmosphere. Residents at the development not only enjoy a warm and cosy environment, but also one that is tranquil and relaxing. Polypipe systems offer a quieter solution than other leading products, with low noise transmission, water hammer effect, and impact sound insulation.

The solution

As well as offering ease of installation, Polypipe systems are also maintenance free and the totally closed system substantially reduces the possibility of leaks. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your buyers are enjoying the benefits of floor heating without causing you any problems. A recognised and respected brand, Polypipe is well established as the system of choice by many installers for domestic properties. It combines ease of installation with reliable long-term performance due to the use of polybutylene pipe. This provides installers with greater flexibility in the design layout and makes the system easier to handle and quicker to install than alternative floor heating products. Polypipe has a range of floor heating solutions to cover everything from new build properties and whole house renovations, to single room retro-fit projects or extensions. Our systems combine ease of installation with reliable long-term performance, and we are members of the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association (UHMA). Polypipe Underfloor Heating products are covered by the Polypipe 50 year guarantee, which covers defects in materials or manufacture of the heating system from date of purchase, excluding Manifold and Control products. This guarantee only applies if the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations contained within all Polypipe installation documents and is used in a normal domestic operation.

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