Tallington Lake House

The project

Situated in 32 acres of land, Tallington Lake House is an impressive eight-bedroom home to Craig Moore and his family, complete with balconies, a gym and even a walk way to an island on the lake.


Tallington Lake House

The challenge

After extensive research into methods of heating for the property, Craig was adamant that he wanted to fit Polypipe Underfloor Heating throughout the home. For upstairs, Craig chose Polypipe’s Overlay™ system with slim 12mm polybutylene pipes. The system can be fitted on top of an existing floor which meant installation was quick, time efficient and far easier than expected. On the ground floor, Polypipe’s solid floor system, with larger diameter 15mm polybutylene pipes, was fitted on top of insulation prior to the screed (a mixture of sand and cement) being laid.

The solution

Each room has its own Polypipe programmable room thermostat control to manage the temperature manually. In addition, a water-to-water heat pump uses the natural resource of the lake to provide and heat the water used within the systems, adding further energy efficiencies to the project. “Polypipe has a great reputation. I chose it ahead of its competitors because all the systems work seamlessly together, which provided me with a solution for every room. In addition, it’s easy to install – almost like using Lego!” said Craig Moore, property developer.

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