Webster Building, Wallasey

The project

Webster Building Ltd is a small, family run business, which prides itself on developing quality, contemporary properties, utilising efficient and easily installable products that will benefit the end user. One of their recent projects was a development of 22 three-bedroom houses and four flats in Wallasey, The Wirral.


Webster Building, Wallasey

The challenge

As the business is small and has a limited workforce, they needed a hot and cold water supply and heating system that was quick and easy to install, as well as highly efficient for their buyers. To satisfy their need for an integrated water and heating system, they choose from the Polypipe range of products, including one of their floor heating systems to offer extra benefits to potential homeowners. The ground floors of the properties were concrete, with timber floorboards on the first floor. Webster decided on the Polypipe Floating Floor System, which could be used across both flooring bases. The floor panels, a high-density polystyrene insulation sheet with pre-formed pipe slots and pipe bending groves, were laid over the entire floor surface. Aluminium heat spreader plates were placed over the top, allowing an even spread of heat and holding the pipes firmly in place. The pipes were then simply pressed into the panels, and the flexible polybutylene pipe allowed tight bends to be easily achieved.

The solution

Once the installation was complete standard tongue and groove floor board was laid over the system. The owners could then pick their choice of floor covering, including carpet, timber, laminate, tiles or vinyl, all of which work efficiently with Polypipe Underfloor Heating, as long as it is well insulated underneath. However, each of these floor coverings has different thermal conduction properties, and harder surfaces, such as tiles and slate, offer better conductivity, and, therefore, better heat output rates. Webster has delighted with the finished system and the ease of the whole process. The fitters were able to install the hot and cold water supply and the floor heating system within an entire house in two days, and laying the heating throughout the ground floor only took four hours. This was a massive boost for a small business such as Webster, as it meant they didnt need to sub-contract out any of the work. Installing floor heating also saved them time when it came to decorating, as there was no need to spend time removing newly installed radiators. The use of Polypipe Underfloor Heating gave the new owners freedom in how they controlled the temperature across the property. We offer a range of control products with options to suit a variety of lifestyle patterns, so you can choose a complete floor heating system from one supplier, with the confidence that it will be easy for your prospective buyers to control and allow them to heat different rooms independently, depending on their uses.

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