Staple System Room Packs

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Polypipe underfloor heating room packs are an affordable all-in-one solution, providing everything you need to heat your chosen room size.

Staple System (In the floor)

This cost-effective system fixes the underfloor heating pipe directly to the insulation using plastic staples before being screeded over. It is laid freehand by the plumber and can be adapted to pretty much any floor shape.

Staple System (In the floor)

  • 1. Insulation
  • 2. Pipe
  • 3. Edge expansion
  • 4. UFCH Staple Clip
  • 5. Screed
  • 6. Finished floor

Ideal floor coverings

Tiles & ceramics, vinyl, wood laminate, engineered wood, solid wood & carpet

Home owner benefits

  • Ideal for ground floors, new build or extensions
  • Little if any change to floor construction
  • Can be used with low temperature heat sources
  • Use with all common floor coverings
  • Can reduce the amount of screed content needed

Installer benefits

  • Fits directly onto insulation
  • Minimum fixing materials needed

If you decide not to include an optional thermostat in your room pack, your new underfloor heating will be set by your main zone thermostat.

Wired Thermostat

This thermostat is wired directly to your boiler or heat source, allowing you to set an independent temperature for your new underfloor heating from the rest of your home heating. This thermostat also allows for programmes to be set to tailor your heating to your home and habits.

RF Thermostat

For a simpler method of controlling your underfloor heating, this dial thermostat allows you to easily adjust the temperature up and down as required. It is installed in the same room as the underfloor heating and sends temperature information to the remote RF receiver that is wired directly into your boiler or heat source.

In addition to the method of pipe fixing you have selected, your pack will contain the following items.

Zonal Regulation Unit

The Polypipe Zonal Regulation Unit allows you to install underfloor heating within a single room quickly and efficiently without the need for a separate manifold. It can effectively control an installation of up to 30m2 to be regulated either by an existing or independent thermostat.

Advanced Barrier Pipe

Designed specifically for easy installation and a maximum energy output, all Polypipe Underfloor Heating products are designed around our outstanding ultraflexible barrier pipe to create an unrivalled range.

Staple System room pack contents comparison table

Room size12m220m230m2
ZRU (Zonal Regulation Unit)
60mm Staple Clips300600600
Underfloor Heating Pipe Coil 15mm x 100mtr123
Edge Expansion Roll112
15mm PolyPlumb Equal Tee24
15mm PolyPlumb Spigot Elbow24
Pipe Stiffeners303030

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