Single Room Kits

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Our range of Single Room kits are the ideal solution for bringing comfortable, ambient warmth to any room in your home. And because each pack contains everything you need for a single-room project, there’s no need to worry about extra components or leftover parts.

Select the floor type to suit your room

Red Floor Panel

Red Floor Panel (Code SS)

For quick and easy installation in screeded applications


Staple (Code SO)

Simple staple application – our most cost-effective solutions


Overlay™ (Code O)

A low profile system which is installed over existing floors


Overlay™ Lite (Code OL)

An alternative to our standard Overlay™ boards – pre-grooved for fast installation

Select the total heated floor area for the room and round up to the following options

To help you or your installer accomplish the correct kit for your room, it’s useful to work out the size of your room’s floorspace before ordering any components. The codes below correspond to the size of room and will be added as part of your kit code to ensure the right components are delivered for the job.

*5m2 (Code 5)

12m2 (Code 12)

20m2 (Code 20)

30m2 (Code 30)

Add the control unit

The control unit regulates the flow and temperature of the heating system either with an integral unit, such as the Polypipe Zone Regulation Unit (ZRU), which complements existing wet systems, or Polypipe wired or wireless (RF – Radio Frequency) thermostatic controls.

ZRU (Zone Regulation Unit): For connection to existing heating system (Code Z)

*Temperature Limiting Valve: For connection to existing heating systems in rooms up to 5 m2 (Code B)

Optional Room Thermostatic control

Choosing a control unit will depend on whether you want to add the nunderfloor heating system to your existing central heating system or install a standalone system. The ZRU has to be selected for existing systems and operated from your existing thermostat, otherwise, our wired or wireless (RF – Radio Frequency) options can be selected depending on your requirements. The latter option thermostats are slim and stylish, with the RF option capable of out-of-home operation from a tablet or smartphone.

ZRU only (no additional code)

Wired Digital Thermostat (Code C)

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