Multiple Room Kits

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There’s an ideal underfloor heating system for every space in your home, so you’re not limited to just one room. Polypipe Multiple Room Kits provide a solution for your entire home, or for just one floor, creating a comfortable, ambient warmth for both new-build and refurbishment projects.

To allow you to extend the pipes into multiple rooms, we offer two manifold types, which can be discreetly installed in a utility cupboard or other space to maximise your design freedom.

Select the floor type to suit your room

Red Floor Panel

Red Floor Panel (Code SS)

For quick and easy installation in screeded applications


Staple (Code SO)

Simple staple application – our most cost-effective solutions


Overlay™ (Code O)

A low profile system which is installed over existing floors


Overlay™ Lite (Code OL)

An alternative to our standard Overlay™ boards – pre-grooved for fast installation

Manifolds. The heart of your system

What exactly does a manifold do?

Underfloor heating manifolds act like your radiator valves; they control the water flow and regulate the temperature throughout the system. The manifold connects the pipework via circuits to your heat source; which could be a boiler or heat-pump. The more circuits used to create heat zones within a single room or area, the more Flow Gauges and Actuators are commissioned (set-up).

Flow Gauges are mounted to the Flow Arm of the manifold and are set at the time of commissioning to ensure the correct flow rate for each circuit. Whilst the Actuators are automatically opened and closed via the Wiring Centre and the Zone Thermostat on the manifold to regulate water circulation. Polypipe Manifolds are available in a range of specifications, enabling you to control between 2 and 12 zones.

Polypipe Underfloor Heating can be controlled via two highly efficient Polypipe Manifold systems; our Stainless Steel Auto-Balancing Manifold and our Plastic Push-fit Manifold. Both are compatible for any Polypipe Underfloor Heating system or Room Kits.

For a more in-depth explanation of our Manifold systems speak to your installer or click here.

Manifolds Explained

Stainless Steel Auto-Balancing Manifold

Featuring patented valve technology, our Stainless Steel Auto-Balancing Manifold incorporates automatic flow control technology. Once commissioned, the system will constantly adjust each circuit to the desired flow rate, ensuring your Polypipe Underfloor Heating system operates with optimum temperature distribution and maximum energy efficiency – at all times.

Multiple Room Kit

Plastic Push-fit Manifold

The Polypipe Plastic Push-fit Manifold’s lightweight monobloc construction and push-fit technology, makes it easy to handle and simple to install. It’s suitable for a heating load of up to 12Kw and engineered from a robust polymer material, affording a superior ability to withstand severe thermal shock. And complete with PolyMax Push-fit connections, you can be confident of the quality to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Multiple Room Kit
Multiple Room Kit

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