Water vs Electric

There are two main types of underfloor heating; water-based and electric. Both can have valid applications, but here we outline why a water-based system might be the smarter choice.

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Floorplan Energy efficiency

Compared to radiators where it’s warmer closer to the source of heat, all underfloor heating systems provide a consistent heat across a greater overall area. Radiators aside, what benefits separate water-based underfloor heating from electric?

Electric systems use electrical current to heat a network of heating elements and require continuous power for as long as they’re turned on. Once up to temperature, water-based systems only require the boiler to make small adjustments to maintain the perfect temperature and help save energy.

Comfort zone
Chair The greener alternative

Water-based systems use less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature over a longer period, consequently they’re able to reduce your home’s carbon footprint further than that of electric systems.

What’s more, water-based systems are ideal for use with ultra-efficient air or ground-source heat pumps, cutting emissions even further.

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Piggy bank Whole-home heating

Due to their relative inefficiency compared to water-based systems, electric underfloor heating installations are best-suited to smaller spaces and are generally only used as a top-up heating source.

Our water-based underfloor heating systems are designed for use anywhere in the home, providing you with the comfort, efficiency and controllability of underfloor heating in every room of your home, big or small, day-in day-out.

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