A luxury refit for a Shropshire barn conversion

Conversion projects are a perfect opportunity to install underfloor heating.

Having decided to convert a Grade II listed agricultural building at her farm in Shropshire, Liz Farrow sought luxury and comfort in design as she looked to expand her successful bed and breakfast business and offer guests added privacy by transforming the dilapidated red-brick barn, adjacent to the late 1700’s farmhouse where she lives, into a self-catering suite.

Liz wanted to ensure that the conversion project was future proof and therefore sought innovative ideas to obtain the greatest return on her investment. Liz was advised that installing a water-based under floor heating system would offer her greater heating efficiency, helping her to save money.

Polypipe’s solid floor underfloor heating system was installed as it is ideal for ground floors in new build or renovation projects. The fact that Polypipe Underfloor Heating systems are maintenance free also appealed to Liz as it would minimise any further costs in the future — with the pipes coming with a 50 year guarantee, it was the perfect choice.

The installation of the underfloor heating mirrored Liz’s aims to provide her customers with a luxurious and comfortable stay perfectly, offering radiant heat and a consistently warm, cosy environment, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by her guests.

Cost effective and cosy

“It was recommended that we have a water-based rather than electric heating system installed, as the water-based system would be fed directly from the boiler and therefore be cheaper to run.

“You might expect that any kind of living accommodation on the ground floor of a converted barn would be quite cold, however with the underfloor heating, we have had no complaints. In fact only the opposite, our guests often comment that it is toasty and warm.”

Liz Farrow, B&B proprietor

Shropshire Barn Conversion


Liz Farrow, B&B proprietor