Efficiently heating a family home in Harrowden

By planning for underfloor heating during the build they were able to make the most of new technologies, including a ground source heat pump.

When Matt Young and his wife Sarah decided to build their dream home in Harrowden, Northamptonshire, there was only one place they wanted to build it – his grandmother’s back garden. Matt’s grandmother’s Grade II listed cottage, which is set in three acres of land in the heart of the village, also provided the ideal base to stay whilst the project got underway.

Matt and Sarah’s philosophy throughout the build was to keep the expenses low, by sourcing sustainable solutions which would also keep long-term energy costs down. Matt installed a number of energy-saving measures within the property including a ground source heat pump, double glazing, heat recovery ventilation and underfloor heating.

Matt and Sarah installed Polypipe’s solid floor underfloor heating on the ground floor of the property and Modular Heating Panels, which slot easily into the joists of the floor, upstairs. Both underfloor heating systems are designed to work smoothly alongside the ground source heat pump.

To help maintain high levels of comfort, efficiency and sustainability, Matt and Sarah also installed heat recovery ventilation in the property, helping to create a pleasant atmosphere and good indoor air quality in all year round.

High efficiencies and a comfortable home

“Having previously lived in a property with radiators, I always found them unsightly, inefficient and unable to heat the property evenly. After visiting a self-build exhibition and learning more about the benefits of underfloor heating we knew that it would be ideal for our new home.”

“Our house is 210 m2 in size so heating costs could easily spiral, especially if we were to use radiators. Using Polypipe Underfloor Heating, we can attain very high efficiencies from the heat pump and still ensure that our home remains at a constant temperature of around 21-22ᴼc throughout the winter, whilst our energy bills remain low. The use of Polypipe Underfloor Heating products throughout the property has made the home much more inviting for my family and I.”

Matt Young, electro-mechanical engineer

Efficiently heating a family home


Matt & Sarah Young