Creating a new living space with Overlay™ and Solid Floor underfloor heating

Conversion projects are a perfect opportunity to install underfloor heating.

Tim and Edna Lester used Polypipe’s Underfloor Heating to transform a cold conservatory into the most comfortable room in their house. The couple moved into their Victorian four bedroom home in Heswell, Wirral, over 20 years ago.

At the end of 2011 they decided to upgrade their home with a new kitchen. They also knocked down the old conservatory and built a significantly larger one in its place. While the Lesters’ home had a traditional radiator heating system fitted throughout, the existing conservatory at the back of the house didn’t benefit from any heating and, as such, the room was hardly used.

Tim and Edna wanted to ensure the conservatory was a warm and cosy living space that could be used all year round, and so opted for an underfloor heating solution from Polypipe in the new extension. Underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature than radiators making the system more energy efficient.

As underfloor heating is a flexible system that can work independently in different rooms, two separate Polypipe Underfloor Heating systems were installed in the kitchen and conservatory. Both work in tandem with the existing heating system and use the same boiler.

Heating engineers fitted Polypipe 18mm Overlay™ panels with 12mm pipes in the kitchen while Solid Floor underfloor heating was installed in the conservatory before the screed was laid and the floor tiled.

The Lesters were thrilled with the results of the underfloor heating installation

“Our conservatory is now an extension of the house and is useable all year round. It’s a big conservatory but without radiators, it looks even bigger.”

“The final look of the conservatory was important to us and the completed room looks spacious with cleaner lines. With radiators in a room you’re somewhat restricted, but we’ve been able to put our furniture wherever we like. If we ask ourselves whether it was worth it, the answer is always ‘absolutely’.”

Tim Lester

Creating a new living space


Tim & Edna Lester