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At Polypipe, we’re proud to offer over 30 years of innovation and investment in product development.

Trusted Brand
Rosette Trusted Brand

We’re the UK’s largest plastic piping systems manufacturer with a reputation for excellence, innovation and reliability.

We carry out extensive amounts of research and testing on all of our products, giving us complete confidence in our offering and giving you complete peace of mind. We’ve spoken to a lot of people about our products at exhibitions and listened to their general enquiries about underfloor heating — meaning that we understand your concerns and have the answers to address them.

Leaf Sustainability

We’re committed to sustainable materials, processes and products, and have an enviable reputation as an industry leader.

As warm water-based systems, Polypipe Underfloor Heating runs at a much lower temperature than radiators — helping to keep energy use down. And whilst they are compatible with gas and electricity, our systems also work brilliantly with sustainable energy sources such as ground and air source heat pumps.

Our Guarantees
Shield Our Guarantees

Because of the trust we have in our product offering, we offer a 50 year guarantee on our underfloor heating pipes.

Our underfloor heating systems are safe, secure and installed by a team of experts in one continuous motion, meaning there are no fittings or joints within the floor and therefore no potential leakage points. It is because of the trust we have in our product offering that we are confident enough to offer a 50 year guarantee on the underfloor heating pipes.

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