Solar panels for your home

Investing in solar panels for your home is a great way to cut your home’s energy bills, your carbon footprint and get paid by the UK Government for generating electricity.

What type of solar panels are out there? 

There are solar PV panels which power your household goods and lighting. Or you can choose solar thermal, which heats the water in your home.

How do solar panels actual work? 

Luckily for us, as we live in the not-so-sunny UK, solar panels work using light as opposed to sunshine. So, as the light shines onto the cell, it creates electricity. That being said, the more sunshine there is, the more electricity the solar panels will create.

How much money am I likely to save with my solar panels? 

Obviously this depends on things like the size of your solar panels, the size of your home and how much electricity you use in the home. However, the Energy Saving Trust believe you can save from £70-£80 on your bills each year.

The UK Government has also set up a ‘feed-in’ and ‘export tariff’. This means that you will earn 4.25p for each kWh of electricity your solar panels create, as well as 4.91p for each kWh of electricity you export.*

What about maintenance? 

Your solar panels will come with a guarantee, all you’ll need to do is clean them from time to time to ensure any fallen leaves and debris doesn’t block off any part of the panels.

*These tariffs are not available in Northern Ireland.

You can find out exactly how much money you could save using the Solar Energy Calculator.


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27th September 2016


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