Smart ways to save on your energy bills

Want to save money on your home energy use? Well good news because at True Warmth, we’ve researched the smart gadgets you can purchase to make your home more energy efficient and save you money on your bills in the process.

Here’s what we found:

A Freeloader iSIS

Instead of paying to charge your smartphone and tablet, why not use the sun?

The Freeloader iSIS is a compact and lightweight battery bank that can be powered by solar energy and holds enough power to fully charge three smartphones – two at the same time.

They’re also a handy device if you always find yourself out and about with a low battery.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch 

The smart switches are perfect for your TVs, washers, dryers, lights and more.

It’s a Wi-Fi switch that allows you to remotely control the devices in your home that waste the most energy. Especially as they’re regularly left on standby.

You can create rules and schedules for each device and you’ll also be notified when you’ve exceeded your set daily allowance. Plus, it can even provide you with an estimate of your monthly bulls according to your usage.

Polypipe Smart Plus Controls

If you already have Polypipe Underfloor Heating, now is the time to upgrade your controls to the new Smart Plus range.

The new range helps you save even more money on your home heating bulls as you can override schedules while on-the-go and programme pre-set temperatures to ensure the room or zone doesn’t go above or below a certain temperature. Meaning you can avoid having the crank up the system’s thermostat at random times of the day and let heat (and money) fly out an open window when it gets too warm.

EcoSavers Blue Drop Shower Timer

The EcoSavers Blue Drop Shower Timer is a digital timer that counts down the time you and your family spend in the shower to help you save on energy and water costs.

Simple but effective!

Find out more about these gadgets here:


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18th April 2017


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