Indoor greenhouse ideas

Lots of people love the idea of a greenhouse, but for many reasons don’t have one. Perhaps you rent your property and are therefore not allowed one or simply don’t have the space, time and money to invest in one. Until now. Step forward, the mini indoor greenhouse craze.

An indoor greenhouse allows you to plant them appropriately to the style and decor of each room, therefore creating that wow factor and a true feeling of warmth and pride in the home.

Your indoor greenhouse is best placed on a windowsill to ensure they receive maximum sunlight.

Here are some indoor greenhouse ideas for each room of your home:

  • Create a mini allotment and grow fresh herbs inside the greenhouse situated in your kitchen so you always have fresh produce at hand
  • Opt for some calming lavender in your bedroom for a relaxing night’s sleep
  • Bring a bit of quirkiness into your bathroom with a small cacti and aloe vera
  • Scrap the weekly bunch of fresh flowers in the living room in exchange for some bright and colourful dwarf plans such as azaleas and godetia

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12th October 2016


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