How to build an eco-friendly house

If you’re lucky enough to be able to build your own home from scratch, then it’s important to think about the impact the construction and waste will have on the environment. To protect your moral compass and surroundings, there are a number of tips you can follow to build an eco-friendly home.

Stay simple and small 

Building an eco-friendly home means it should only be as big as it needs to be. This will reduce the building materials, construction waste and energy usage long term.

Use recyclable materials 

If you’re creative and a bit of a handyman/woman, then you could make pieces of furniture from left over materials: such as, your family dining table from left over timber. You can also visit your local scrap yard to see what they have on offer.

Install underfloor heating

A water based underfloor heating system is a great energy efficient home heating alternative. The fact it runs at a much lower temperature than your radiators would*, means you’ll not only help save the planet but your pennies as well.

The more windows the better

Not only will this help save you from having to light a room artificially but high performance windows, with low emissivity glazing are great for retaining the warmth of the sun and heating indoors.

Install dual flushing toilets

Installing a toilet with a dual flush will help you save on your overall water consumption.

If you only remember one thing, remember insulation 

Poor insulation will lead to draughts and higher energy bills. Having builders fit high quality insulation will ensure your home heating system can work to its full efficiency.


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6th December 2016


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