Household items you didn’t know you could use in your garden

Looking after your garden can be costly, so we’ve put together a list of household items you didn’t know you could use in your garden to help make maintenance easier, save money and even be friendly to the environment.

Eggshells can be crushed and scattered in your garden to feed calcium into the soil. They can also be used as mini plant pots for your seeds.

Plastic forks can be planted, handle down, in the soil to keep your shoots straight and deter unwanted visitors such as cats.

(Unused) Nappies can be put into the bottom of your planters and hanging baskets to retain moisture and keep them adequately hydrated.

Epson salts added to your watering can, can deliver some magnesium to your plants.

Keep hold of the water you cook your vegetables in, as it will act as a fertiliser.


Go Green, News


2nd November 2016


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