What you can do to support World Energy Day

World Energy Day takes place on October 22nd 2016, with many believing it to be a day for politicians to sit down and discuss global warming policies. However, there are a number of easy things you can do on the day – and everyday – to benefit our environment.

Use public transport

Leave the car behind for the day and use public transport to get to work. While it may not be as enjoyable as travelling in your own car, it does ease congestion and reduce emissions. Some buses are now hybrid vehicles Рeven better!

Stick to one device at a time 

Have you ever taken the time to realise just how many devices you have one the go? All too often we’re caught out watching TV, using a laptop or tablet, as well as our mobile phone all at the same time. For World Energy Day, why not just stick to one?

Cook a one pot meal

Using just one pot will reduce the amount of energy and gas you use at dinner time, considerably.

You’ll surprise yourself with the quality of ingredients you can fit in one pot and they’re great for Winter warmers and best thing of all – less washing up!

Recipes can be found here.

Switch the lights off

That doesn’t mean you have to sit in darkness. But, you should avoid doing the usual run-around the house once it gets dark to turn the lamps on in rooms that aren’t being used to make them ‘cosy’. Skip this on Work Energy Day – and everyday to see a difference in your annual electricity bill.

Find something the whole family want to watch

Family members are often divided on what to watch on TV, so they take themselves off to the other room to watch something else. In support of World Energy Day, find something you all agree on and enjoy some quality time together.


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21st October 2016


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